The Angry Teal Puffalump (jencw) wrote in girlscouts,
The Angry Teal Puffalump

Brownie Troop - first year

Today I spent my lunch hour with Maine Senators and Legislatures/Representatives. Our troop was invited to Maine Senate Leader President(Beth Edmonds) to visit her office and to "debate cookies" to determine which cookie is the best. We tied (8 ways, as we have 8 cookies!) of course, but the girls had a great time. As it turns out many of the women we met had been Girl Scouts back in their days. Currently we have a representative who is a leader of 2 troops!

The girls had great fun and it was nice seeing the girls taking to the debate and standing up for the cookie they believe in!

For a change I wanted to post something positive! :)
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