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not that we are safely passed the danger zone...

...we may discuss this freely.

10:06 PM 4/6/08 · As part of my dietary requirements this year I had to deprive myself of one of my favorite joys...girlscout cookies. I'm fairly hooked, at least during that special part of the year, and usually can't put them down until a whole tube of them are empty. Specifically the thin mints. Fortunately girlscout cookies really only come once a year... ever notice there's no such thing as boyscout cookies?

A saving grace there. If I had to deal with these little treats more than one assault a year, I'd be rather round.

Okay, more round.

Avoiding buying them was beyond tricky. Went to the movies with God likes meRaven and they were outside waiting. A little disturbing that, two little girls dressed like cookies. With the number of sickos in the world I'm a little sketchy on the wisdom of advertising children as sweet food items. Don't care how effective it is for selling're just asking for pedophiles that way.

So I'm a little paranoid.

Weird too.

Nobody's perfect.

Even though we got cookies I didn't have any and left them with her...which she wasn't happy about that because she needed to eat them then and was not wanting to do so for similar reasons to mine. Oh well, if I can sacrifice one snuggly friend to being in better shape I'm fairly sure God will forgive me.

If not, I can probably be in decent shape in the toasty place too.

Which leads nicely to my next avoidance. Outside of Mollie Stone's, grocery stores are one of their favorite stalking grounds, I was met with a swarm of the little monsters and their tempting treats. I played it off as I do with most things...silly. I took the pointing fingers of both hands and made a cross as to ward them away.

The girlscouts looked confused but, then, I suppose vampire films aren't their usual forte.

Their mothers nearly fell over laughing.

Came out with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...which probably was the only thing that saved me from a renewed assault to buy cookies.

Other than dodging Annie, one of the assistants where I work who has two girlscouts for daughters (she actually busts out this massive chart of sale items before the season starts to take our orders en masse) and they get us a bunch. It's hard to say no when she's right there everyday to support her daughters...

...but I persevered.

Might seem a lil' bit silly to go on about my strength of will avoiding girlscout cookis given I'm scarfing down Reese's Peanut Butter Cups like they're going outta style. Still, we all cope in our own little special ways.
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