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Girl Scout Gold Award requirements

I was having a debate the other day with a friend who had earned his Boy Scout Eagle Award. He was saying how the Girl Scout Gold Award didn't require as much and I didn't have enough evidence to win the debate. I did not earn my Gold Award, though I was still having fun my Senior years and that's what really matters to me. I graduated high school in 2004. I want to know what the requirements would have been, had I gone after it. I tried looking online, but in the few years it's been since I graduated high school, it appears that Studio 2B has taken its place in the requirements. I know I would have not had to do Studio 2B (and would be thankful, I don't think very highly of that program) and don't know if that's the only change or if there was more.

Can anyone help me? This is not so much about that debate with my friend anymore as much as it is for my own curious mind. I figure the requirements would be in the handbook (at least a slightly older copy) but I have no idea where I placed my book.

Just a personal spiel, I do have respect for those who go after the Gold Award. I never went after it because my troop was more into going on trips than earning recognitions. I don't exactly regret it, though there is a small part that does. I know the time it would take would be more than a year, if you add in the time to fulfill the pre-req's. We realized that catch too late. I did earn my silver but I know the Gold Award takes a lot more time. I can proudly say I am still a Girl Scout and because of my lifetime membership, will be until the day I die. Gotta love the graduating senior discount =)
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