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Indoor games for Brownies?

Hi everybody!
I have a Brownie Girl Scout troop that meets once a week for an hour and a half. We meet on a weeknight in a church basement rec room, and the girls are usually full of energy. They sit at tables and do whatever badge or other work we're doing, but by the end of the meeting, I have difficulty keeping them from running around the room, which is a little dangerous. There are lots of tables and chairs in the room, and there are ceiling support poles in the way too. I wish we had access to a gym, but we don't, and it gets dark too early to go to the park.

Any ideas for things we can do? Mostly while we wait for moms and dads to come pick them up at the end of the meeting. That's when they tend to get boisterous. :)

I'm looking at the games in the Playing Around the World badge, and the similar games on page 130 of the Handbook. I'd love other ideas though!

Hm. We sing songs at the beginning of the meeting. Maybe we should move that to the end of the meeting.

Thank you!

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