molly (fairygurl11) wrote in girlscouts,

troop numbers

I was wondering, are there multiple troops in the country with the same number or is each troop number an original-only one troop has it at any given point?

hope people are enjoying cookie season, ours just ended and it makes me sad =(
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Generally numbers are unique by council but not unique nationally.
Numbers are unique only within a council; in our council, we merged last year with 5 other councils to make one large southern CA council; it was a bit of a nightmare and each region (the previous councils) was assigned a number that was added to the end of troop number in the council dennoting the region and to make sure no troops would have the same number. This means that since our region was assigned "6" we went from being troop 401 to troop 401-6 or 4016. We are not required at this time to update our uniforms with the number, however all of our paperwork must reflect the new number. Its practice that most troops are putting the dash in there so its clear which region and that it is indeed an updated number as some troops had single and double digit troop numbers or even 4 numbers so there are troops now with 5 digit numbers which is a bit of a pain (and expensive when it comes to buying the patches for uniforms!). Anyway, its not ideal by any means but its what had to happen.
We did the same in Michigan, except I think they added the number denoting the previous council to the beginning of the troop number. (I'm not currently active in any troop, but I hear lots from my sister.)
thanks for the responses!

I had just been wondering who the new owners of my former troop number was. we all bridge/graduated five years ago so it was up for grabs. I came across a brownie troop in a neighboring council and had wondered if they were the new owners but wasn't sure since it wasn't my exact council. but this all makes sense now.